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Thursday, June 04, 2020
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I.T. The legacy ministry of Henry Mitterayer

As the current webmaster I dedicate this page and our ministry to Henry, He put in countless ours to I.T., and was under the radar for much of my time at this current church. I truly believe without Henry's vision for this church this ministry would still be struggling to even get started. Below is why Henry means so much to I.T. and why for me he will always need to be remembered here on the website. (the webmaster)
Below is an I.T. eulogy written by Greg Mate. I would also like to thank him for all his efforts in this ministry as well.
The First United Methodist Church in McHenry recently lost a good friend with the passing of Henry Mittermayer. Henry lead an initiative to get FUMC on the internet by being the webmaster of the church's first-generation web site. This project involved getting the web site committee to agree on the contents of site, procuring the purchase of the web domain, locating an affordable web-hosting service and obtaining technical advice, where needed.
Henry also provided many hours of assistance to church staff. His ideas and suggestions came in handy to those who struggled with technology. In the community as a whole, Henry helped place used computers in homes that would have otherwise gone without them. He frequently took phone calls from the owners of these computers and many others to help guide them through technical problems. If Henry couldn't provide an answer, he wouldn't hesitate to ask friends.
What made Henry's contribution more impressive is that his vision required his own computers to run zooming software. Operating a computer under these circumstances required a level of patience not obtainable by many. Henry never let this physical deficiency get in the way of continually learning about computers and sharing his knowledge with others. One of the original technology leaders of this church community will be missed.